Tincture of 750 mg. CBD with 4,500 mg. Kava

Tincture of 750 mg. CBD with 4,500 mg. Kava

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Introducing Bula Kava House Kava & CBD Tincture

At Bula Kava House, we know our loyal kava connoisseurs use kava to receive a variety of benefits, including improved sleep, less anxiety, and better relaxation. Fans of CBD also report receiving similar benefits, including everything from pain relief to healthier-looking skin. With so much to offer our customers, we’ve decided to mix these perfectly suited compounds into one remarkable new product – Kava & CBD tincture.

Using MCT coconut oil as an emulsifier, each 60 ml. (2 fl. oz.) bottle of our proprietary tincture includes 750 mg. of CBD and 4,500 mg. of kava extract made from some of the world’s finest noble kava. To improve flavor, we’ve added orange and ginger extract so that it goes down smooth. We’ve even added a little turmeric oil, which features strong anti-inflammatory properties, as a bonus for your health.

Each recommended dose includes 25 mg. of CBD and 150 mg. of kava. Buy Kava CBD Tincture online for just $80 a bottle.