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General Questions

Why should I buy kava from Bula Kava House?

How do you make kava?

How does kava make you feel?

Do you offer free samples?

Where is Bula Kava House located?

Do you offer pure kava root?

CBD Related FAQs

What benefits are associated with CBD use?

What is CBD?

Is CBD made from marijuana plants?

Does CBD get you high like using marijuana?

Is mixing CBD and kava safe?

Is your CBD made from hemp oil?

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Kava Safety Questions

Is kava addictive?

Does kava use cause liver damage?

Does Bula Kava House test kava?

Does Bula Kava House test for pesticides and is your kava pesticide / chemical free?

Can children drink kava?

Can pregnant women drink kava?

Shipping Questions

What is the Bula Kava House secure address policy?

When will I receive my order?

Can you ship using a different service?

How much will shipping cost to my address/country?

Returns / Refunds Questions

What is the Bula Kava House return policy?